Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Today's room candy is apparently a little corner of a nursery - however, I wouldn't mind myself to sleep in this cosy nook or read a book. After all, we all have our inner child somewhere hidden deep inside, right? But what makes this room so exceptional or better said, why did I catch my eye in the sea of beautiful interiors in the world wide web? Well, I think it's these three factors that made me pick this nursery:
  • Colourful String Lights: Yes, I have a soft spot for string lights. The grown-up version are those simple, black strings with white bulbs as seen at Merci for instance. But these colorful string lights are a perfect design detail for a happy nursery. Your kid will love it. So will your inner kid.
  • Pattern Mix: My eye is pleased with the vibrant pattern mix in this little nook. The various Marimekko cushion covers, the Harlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living, the paneled ceiling - it is cheerful, without rules, just plain visual pleasure for kids!
  • Bed Nook: As a kid I had a similar bed nook. Truth be told, I have a pretty bed nook in my Munich apartment too as I have pitched roofs just above my bed. It is that additional feeling of cosiness and a safe haven for a good night's sleep created by such nooks. It is dreamy and makes me think of reading Peter Pan with my flashlight and peeking out to the star lit sky at night. Dreamy, I said it!
What do you think of this little nursery corner? 

Photography via Pics, Dots & Stripes


  1. Love this cozy nook too - and the string lights are lovely. Happy day my lovely friend,

  2. what i love about this cozy nook: mumin papa! for sure this small guy upgrades every room ;)

  3. The colorful string lights are gorgeous! I'd want them for myself too ^^

  4. I like that grey wall!


  5. It's beautiful, I like the contrast between the walls and the colors.

  6. It looks fantastic and attractive..Colorful mix lights give fresh and pretty look to your room. Thanks for sharing...

  7. The colourful string lights are so cute!
    Had this pucture on my Pinterst too, love it!
    Do you know stores that sell such lights? Thank you!

  8. Das sieht fantastisch aus. Tolle Farben und super gemütlich.


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