Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

This Tuesday's eye candy comes from Sweden, to be precise from the Swedish blogger at 'Så fint jag vill'. I have no clue what that means, I just know she has a great style and lately I have stumbled over the pictures of her bedroom and loved the relaxed, cosy style she created. When I look at her bedroom I think of lazy weekend mornings, the moment when you turn around and sleep another 20 minutes, when you cuddle up with our duvet, grab a book and a cup of coffee and just stay in the warm, comfy bed. I am pretty sure you can relate to this feeling, right?

So, what caught my eye in particular in this room? Here we go:
  • Grey color palette: The different shades of grey create a very calm and cosy feeling. It absorbs the daylight and makes for a perfect sleeping atmosphere.
  • Linen bedding: Nothing, I mean nothing beats linen bedsheets. That feeling on your skin - trust me, it is a revelation. You will not want to get out of bed!
  • Personal décor vignette: The shelf above the bed features a lovely, personal vignette with a figurine, fresh flowers, a book, an illustration, a candle, a vase, a plant - beautifully arranged and perfect for that dash of personality every room needs.
How do you like this bedroom? What catches your eye?

Photography via Så fint jag vill


  1. Mir gefällt die Bettwäsche gut:) Ich liebe Leinenbettwäsche und habe sie auch in grau:) Allerdings hätte ich irgendwie ein ungutes Gefühl unter diesem wunderschönen Arrangement zu schlafen...;)

    einen schönen Dienstag, so sonnig wie er hier bei uns ist:)))

  2. Love the colours! Soft and relaxed, just what you need for the bed room. "så fint jag vill" means "just as beautiful as I want". I think that's a pretty cool blog name ;)

    1. Oh thanks for the translation, Emelie! What a pretty name indeed:-)

  3. yep - i'm with you. and i like the very discreet use of colours. lovely!

  4. I like the colors, especially the grey with a soft sea foam color pillow case.
    However, I would be very worried about earthquake. The items will fall right on the head. I hope they don't have earthquake in Sweden. :-) What can I say, I like style, but am also a practical gal!

    1. Ha ha you are like me, I always think of earthquakes with shelves. But I think it is not a serious threat in Sweden:-)

  5. The color combination are so Armanish lol!



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