Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

It's mid November, can you believe it my friends? I mean in a bit more than a month Christmas will be upon us and here in Munich the festive season has officially kicked off with last Saturday's start of Christmas sales and the preparations for the numerous Christmas markets across town. For some of us I guess the question for festive gifts is inevitable - whether they're for ourselves (I admit, the best ones) or for our beloved ones (after all, offering presents is even better than accepting some). 

These days I've teamed up with the folks over at Triitme, a collaboration of young European design enthusiasts, who offer great design pieces in their online store. I've picked some Scandinavian design pieces so if you like Scandinavian design, rush over to my happy picks HERE to secure your first gifts for the festive season. Happy shopping!

Photography via Triitme


  1. Ohh I love ittt

  2. surprise, surprise, my favorite one is the table !

    1. Haha I could have guessed:-) Mint magic!

  3. Cool picks mister. I'll have the Flowerpot in turquoise and the flask in grey please :-)


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