Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

A new Tuesday has dawned and yet a new room has caught my eye. This time I am back to a kitchen design that is quirky, unusual and absolutely adorable. Or happy so to say. Probably my eye keeps on being caught by lovely kitchen designs cause I’ve lived in an apartment with no real kitchen for the past six years. But let’s not digress. Here are the three reasons that caught my eye in this little kitchen:
  • Irregular, open shelving: The walnut wood covered back wall is highlighted with the irregular mounting of open shelves to store food, crockery, tableware.
  • Coloured shelf backs: The irregular shelves are a highlight themselves – to set them off of the walnut wood panel, the backs of the shelves have been painted in various matching colours. These harmonize perfectly with the kitchen’s front colour and tie the whole colour concept together.
  • Statement kitchen colour: The walnut wood itself is an eye-catcher, but the designer has set another element to make this kitchen even more special. The ice blue hue covers the kitchen front and top and serves as a statement colour. 
What caught your eye in this kitchen? Any likes or dislikes? Let me know! 

Photography via Wallnut


  1. Oh, I love it all!!!

    My personal favourite - much as I adore the pop of blue - would have to be the irregular shelving. It saves the room from looking too "done", I think.

    I'm definitely pinching this idea to use somewhere - anywhere! - in my home.

    Thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Walnut, a touch of grey and that blue. Nuff said. Love it!

  3. Gorgeous Kitchen find, Igor. Love the natural wood textures against the white backdrop and the unusual layout. Right up my street...

  4. A really eye-catching interior:) Amazing kitchen!

    Check out my blog: http://theprintedsea.blogspot.de

  5. The irregular shelving without doubt! It looks real nice.

  6. Oh, nice find! The colored shelf backs are my favourite - just the right touch of colour. Though I don't think that you can fit everything in this kitchen - the shelves are a nice display, but where can you actually store your tableware?

    1. I think that the kitchen front has lots of drawers for storage.

  7. We love the color and the open shelving too but why is that center light so low? We think they could nix that fixture altogether and really let the open shelving shine, unobstructed.

  8. Hello!

    I love the coloured shelf backs, that's something I have a real penchant for. However, I think it would drive me mad living with that kitchen! I love to bake and cook so I need LOTS of storage space!


  9. wow! such a wonderful kitchen - the blue coloured block with the sink is so amazing! * julia

  10. I love the blue! That amazing open shelving is definitely an eye-catcher, but I personally would have a hard time keeping it clean above the stove top!

  11. Oohy! What attracts me most about this room are the colours. I'm really liking the green in this palette.

    Thanks Igor!

    Xx. Holly.

  12. Okay can I please have this kitchen? It's fabulous! Great design for a smaller space a that blue hue is so me! I also like the modular shelving to display your best crockery and bottles. Sigh...if only....

  13. I really love this kitchen, even though it isn't what I would normally think of doing for a kitchen. You caught the things that make this kitchen special, spot on. I might also add that I love how the designer mixes the different woods in different colors/finishes - I see a lot of that coming back in the kitchen market. Good eye!

  14. Για τους ιδιους λόγους... συν την καρεκλα αριστερά που μοιάζει με γλυπτό!


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