Friday, February 22, 2013

Happily Ever After: Studio Meez

In today's 'Happily Ever After' post I'd like to present you a super cute Etsy shop with a small but fine selection of home goodies. I really love handmade, unique products because they are the best way to add something to your home that is not available in stores around the world. And Studio Meez is certainly a good source if you like something playful for your happy home.

I instantly fell in love with the soft apple cushions in grey, pale green and soft pink. They would be a great accessory for a nursery as well as for a grown-up scheme in grey on a bed or sofa. Well, plus it is supposed to be healthy. You know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Even an apple cushion. 

You can find all goodies on sale in the Etsy shop HERE and more inspiration on their blog HERE.

Happy Friday my friends!

Photography via Studio Meez


  1. The apple pillow might just be perfect for our playroom! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend Igor.

    1. Thank you Susan, happy weekend to you too!

  2. Super-cute for a nursery. Especially love the apple cushions. Great find - thank you! :-) Michelle

  3. The apple cushion is perfect for a nursery. For me, I'd like to see it in more vibrant colours...yellow, orange and purple:-)


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