Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Autumn is all around. It has gotten really fresh here in Germany and the nights are delightfully crisp and call for that extra blanket. Now if you like to celebrate a new season in your interiors too, you can choose to add a little seasonal decoration by creating an autumn inspired vignette. The pic above gives you one possible option. Think of muted, nature inspired hues and various textures. The above shown combination elegantly puts wood, metal, stone and glass into a decorative mix and freshens up the setting with a few fresh blooms. Weathered surfaces and rich textures speak of passing times and changing seasons. A few little things and here it is, an autumn inspired vignette. Happy weekend, folks!

Photography by Netta-Natalia for Lily


  1. Happy weekend to you too Igor!

    I like this vignette, although if it were mine, I would replace the silvery grey metallic items (but not the clay pot! It's perfect) with a more dull brass type metal ... Maybe it warms it up a bit. What do you think?

    I really like that painting in the back.


    1. I think the idea could work well - the warm golden hue of brass would tie in the warmer hue of the wood with the neutral greys of the clay pot and the painting!

    2. I love how you guys are getting all creative! :)

  2. nice ideas!!
    happy weekend Igor!

  3. That looks great, so cool and trendy!
    Wishing you the best for the weekend!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. simple, organic, and serene ... the three words came to my mind when I saw the picture. LOVE.

    Happy weekend Mr. Happy!

  5. Hi Igor,

    Your blog is just beautiful and your writing so simple and inspiring! Arrived here from Mr. Bright.Bazar´s blog.

    Warm hug from Buenos Aires and happy Sunday!
    Cris M

  6. Lovely sentiment Igor. It's still relatively warm here in London. No crisp nights as yet and so no extra blankets needed. I'm just hoping the colder days come soon :-)


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