Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Happy Treats

Treat yourself. That's what I keep telling myself. I guess it is a sort of excuse for giving in when I spot something nice and new for my home. But sometimes I don't even have to buy something new. Sometimes I just have to dig into old things, to go through my mum's basement to discover some old and forsaken gems. That's what I did last weekend. Here is a little happy compilation of new & old treats that have one thing in common: the power to add happiness to a home!

1. Hand painted linen tablecloth from Shop Terrain. Oh yes!

2. The new collection by Rie Elise Larsen is just a happy feast! I love her cheerful paper designs.

3. My first piece of hand made ceramics. A bowl I made in school back in 1992. Happy memories!

4. I've stocked up on new washi tapes. I got these from my Swiss blogger friend Renate of Baumhausfee. Thank you my dear!

5. I heart these cushions as seen on Wendy Polish.

A hearty Wednesday, folks!


  1. washi tape and heart pillow!! You are one lucky happy man! Have fun in London!

  2. Allerbesten guten Morgen, lieber Igor

    Ei; schön dass die Tape gut bei Dir eingetroffen sind. Ich wünsche Dir einen prächtigen Tag.

    Teuerte Grüsse

    die Baumhausfee

  3. An eclectic collection. Love the tape :-)

  4. oh dear! My eyes were happy to fall upon the ceramic bowl and then when I read later that you made it ... well, my heart just melted :)

    Happy Wednesday to you Igor!

    1. Oh thank you my dear:-) I should attend a pottery class just for fun:-)

  5. Love the ceramic bowl... I bet you would be great if you took up pottery now.
    Ha, as I'm writing this you're actually in London. That means I will bag myself a hug later on today :))

  6. Ααα τα μαξιλάρια ειναι πολυ παιχνιδιάρικα και γι αυτο μου αρέσουν.

  7. Love your washi tape collection! And your first ceramic work looks lovely too, definitely go for the pottery class, you are a natural!!


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