Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Stylish Reading Nook

Autumn is approaching swiftly here in Germany. And with it the need to cocoon and cuddle up at home. And it is the time to dig into those books that have been waiting on your shelves way too long. And to do so in style, here comes a little inspiration for a neutrally hued reading nook. I love the refined simplicity in this photo, the use of white, grey and wooden hues. And the idea of storing books in weathered crates is fab, too. Grab your favorite blanket, choose your book and make the best out of crisp autumn eves!

Photography via Finn


  1. It so feel like autumn here.... and my candles are burning:)

    Great photo and I also like the books being stored in crates... as long as I don't need to find a particular one:)

  2. I feel the same when I saw the picture and thought, is this Igor's home? Always love an all white space with painted brick and casual slipcover with linen!

  3. A real cosy little corner - perfect place to sit and read on a cool autumn evening.

    And the white, grey and natural wood is such a winning combination!

  4. That's truly a perfect spot for autumnal eves - awesome colours, texture and materials. The calm and inviting atmosphere helps us to calm our thoughts and mind! Let's light up some candles, grab a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and good book ... have a nice eve ;)

  5. Beautiful colours for a reading nook!

    I was just ordering some more books on Amazon this morning even though I still have a stack of books that I still haven't finished reading ... or started to read! I can't help it, I have a soft spot for books.

  6. Beautiful! Love the neutral and soft tones.
    And the chair is awesome. It looks like a big pillow. :)

  7. Totally into the colour palette here. I have a feeling you may then also like my newest Design Chef recipe, due out a bit later ;)

    I am so happy Autumn is on the way !

  8. this really makes me want some scabbly old crates - it looks so good!


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