Friday, September 7, 2012

BlogTour Sponsor: Blanco

Today I am starting a weekly blog series specially dedicated to the wonderful sponsors of BlogTour London 2012. These companies are forward-thinking, open minded brands that reach out to bloggers by sponsoring a unique blogger event such as BlogTour. Modenus has done a wonderful job in finding these partners - and it is now my pleasure to give back a bit of love and blogger happiness!

Today I would like to draw your attention to Blanco, a German big player with international acclaim in the field of luxurious faucets and sinks for the kitchen. Now you might think this is not so interesting - but think twice! Unlike cushions, throws, vases or lampshades a sink or a faucet is not something you'd like to change on a seasonal basis. It is a design decision to last. And one that requires a good deal of consideration. After all, you will decide on long lasting design. And also for an area of your home that will be frequently in use - daily to be precise. 

I've lived for such a long period of time in rented apartments with poor sinks, ugly standard faucets and totally unhappy kitchen appliances. Now imagine the power of a beautiful faucet and sink such as my favorite here, the Cerana sink made of fireclay that matches modern and traditional tastes. Combined with one of the new water-saving faucets by Blanco it would not only make my home happy but the environment, too. Now here's to a happy kitchen! 

If you like to stay up-to-date with sleek design for your kitchen, follow Blanco America on Twitter and Facebook.

Photography via Blanco


  1. Blanco does have some amazing faucets ... the one I have in the kitchen right now is from Blanco! I also love the side spray that comes along as well, it is such a treat.

    Happy Friday Igor!

  2. Ah, Blanco, a trustworthy name in their field. Being German I obviously know them but had no idea of the water saving faucets. Thank you for that.

    Igor, you know how to make faucets and sinks sexy!!
    Happy weekend.

  3. Thank you my friends!! If you knew the kind of faucets I have at home, you would understand my drooling over those faucets!! I dream of a new faucet!! This reminds me I have to call my landlord...

    1. Maybe Blanco will give you one during BlogTour :) fingers crossed!

  4. Liked! Love that faucet featured in the first and last image :)

    I know what you mean about boring, ugly faucets and sinks in rented apartments. Too bad, huh? You'd think people would care more about those details ... the world is a curious place... :)

  5. really lovley design...;)...and schon den Schokokeks vernascht? Ich verrate dich auch nicht...wish a lovley happy weekend...a big hug...cheers...i...

  6. Have to say, nothing speaks to my germaphobe-self as a minimalist, stainless steel or mable-clad kitchen. And those tiles are gorgeous, by the way.

  7. Blanco does have some amazing faucets ...

    I love those sinks!! They look indeed graceful!! I also chose a black sink for my kitchen, and I ‘m dying to use it! - See more at:


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