Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Little Treasures

Reinterpreting our homes is a sort of catharsis. Some kind of rebirth. Yes, a 'decor renaissance'. We change, accentuate, de-clutter, add details - and all of this is a visualization of our inner feelings. Ok, you might roll your eyes now and think 'why this psycho-crap'? I am just trying to decode the enigmatic force that ignites that restless drive to decorate our dwellings. After all, we are no superficial shopaholics remotely controlled by a vicious consume machinery, are we?

Think of your last decoration endeavour at home. What did you do? And what was the real driver of this undertaking? And trust me: it's never the first answer that comes to your mind! But enough said here, I could go this week with the following five treasures for a bit of home happiness:

1. The amazing vintage rug would be a real eye-catcher on a wooden floor. Seen on Artilleriet.

2. This fruit calendar from Anthropologie has to be mine. Love, love, love!

3. Pair a colourful lampshade with a differently coloured cord. Result: Visual happiness. On Coloured By you can customize your own design.

4. How about a handmade and fair trade Ghana basket? Seen on Baskets of Africa.

5. The happiest packaging tape ever - seen on Impressionen.

Happy hump day, friends!


  1. well said my friend! Decor Renaissance ... totally what I need to re-think and de-clutter my place. since I have redone my place this Spring, I will now have to think about where would I be able to fit a tree this Christmas!!

    Wish me luck!

  2. Those lampshades and color cords are darling!!!

  3. Oh god-I do love your writing Igor! As for today's pics-the baskets are wonderful- I have one without handles for magazines and love it. The fruit calendar omg- MUST get one- completely gorgeous!! :-) clever you ;-)

  4. what an amazing washi tape!!!12 points goes to the basket!!!
    great post Igor (as always)

  5. Completely agree with you, I think we even chatted about changing tastes and decor choices in Munich and what inspires us to 'buy'. Out of these picks it has to be the tape - too fun for words!

  6. I definitely need to de-clutter my space, at least my "office", this also involves finishing some projects that will be finding new spaces around the house. Voila decor renaissance ;) Happy hump day to you too! PS. I need that tape!

  7. I might have to get some of that 'packed with love' tape! Too cute!

  8. Those lampshades are great. Especially the grey and pink. Thanks for sharing Igor.

  9. Hey Igor! I think the psychology behind the need or desire to decorate our homes is fascinating! I wish there was actually more concrete research about it ... maybe I should start my own lab ... you interested? Lol. But I think you are right when you say that it's not because we are crazy consumers who can't control ourselves ... I think it has much more to do with self expression, communicating who we are, driven by a strive for comfort and congruity between ourselves and our environment.

    Love that vintage rug! The colour too actually :)



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