Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Staying in is my big plan this weekend. The weather forecast says rain and chilly. My body says rest and chilling. And my sofa says something like 'I am so comfy and look at your new cute pillow, snuggle up and stay here'. Well, after all it seems that even rainy summer weekends have a good side. They don't make you feel guilty for sleeping long and staying in. And if you abide by the concept of a happy home, you will most certainly enjoy even a rainy and cold summer weekend. By staying in. In your happy home. Happy weekend!

Photography via Katie Armour


  1. I follow your advice, because is too hot here!happy weekend!

  2. Και εμενα αυτο ηταν το πλανο μου... λογω καυσωνα ομως!

    1. Kali idea! Makari na exoume kausona ki emeis...

  3. You are very right! The last few weeks I have been enjoying lazy sundays inside (mostly in bed) with my laptop and magazines, a cup of tea or two and it was probably what I needed. Now the sun has finally come to England and it is lovely and energising. Funny have the weather influences :)


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