Friday, July 6, 2012

Happily Ever After: Happy Home

Today's 'plat du jour' will add a good deal of happiness to your home - let me introduce you to the online shop 'Happy Home'. Based in France this shop has not only attracted me with its happy name but also with its adorable assortment of goodies - whether you'd like to opt for a new cushion, something cheerful for your kitchen, or some colourful bliss for your desk or office, you won't leave unsatisfied.

I am in love with the beautiful black and white cards, the abundance of masking tape, the cute paper bags. And the best news - it's sales time till the end of July. Anything you fancy from this happy shop?

Photography via Happy Home


  1. Those cookie bags are super cute! Thanks for introducing another happy shop!

  2. Pastels and neon pink is definitely the way to go this summer! Love the cookie bag too!

  3. well sometimes money can buy hapiness, or at least put a smile in your face :D with this cute knick knack, i bet we'll bbe smiling a lot at home :)

  4. You know I LOVE a good online shop find! Thanks Igor. I really like those candlesticks ... will browse the shop more later :)


  5. I love their things! Such a great mix of colour, design and creativity.
    That pastel coloured tape will add such a fun pop to any present wrapping (something I might be a little obsessed with!!).
    Thanks for the intro to the shop!

  6. Such a cool shop - I too adore their things :) Thanks for sharing Igor and have a sunny weekend,

  7. Not heard of Happy Home, love the gift wrap and especially their masking tape. I heading off to have a peek!


  8. Hello mr.Happy...oh, my goodness...yes i love this shop so much...and it´s sale time? I must have a little you say in german..."trockenshoppen" schön...drück dich, mein Lieber und wünsche ein Happy Home Weekend...all the best...and merci for jump over...a big hug...cheers ...i...

  9. It's really a great shop ! I love it, they're sweet, a great customer service when you got any question !


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