Thursday, July 5, 2012

Greens For Your Wall

There are many pros and cons about living in a rooftop apartment. One con that I am facing on a daily basis at the moment - the boiling heat up here. A real challenge for myself and for my little plants. Now what to do if you live in a space that is either too small or too hot for plants or if you just don't have a green thumb? The answer is easy: put the greens on your wall!

Some of my interior designer friends analyzed my style and aesthetics quite well in my yesterday's Pinterest post. Someone said that I like a vintage touch. Correct! And I certainly love these vintage botanical prints to decorate my home. My favorite here? The fig print. I love the fruit. I love the print. What about you? Do you add vintage elements to your interiors?

Photography: Room with prints via Remodelista; Pomegranate print via Etsy; Fig print via Etsy; Berries print via Etsy; Yellow horned poppy print via Vintage Printables; Dog rose chart via The Evolution Store; Seaweeds chart via Etsy.      


  1. Hahah I'm pretty sure I must have some of these lying around somewhere.

  2. Love these vintage botanical print! And what a fun way to bring "green" inside the house. I don't exactly have a green thumb when it comes up keeping house plant alive, so this may just be my solution :)

    Thanks for sharing Igor!

  3. The prints are nice.
    I think vintage is great, but I`m not good to find nice vintage stuff at all. Practice makes perfect, maybe?

  4. Oh ja, die Dachwohnungen. Urgemütlich durch die Schrägen, aber derzeit wünscht man sich manchmal eine Souterrain-Wohnung... Die Prints gefallen mir übrigens sehr gut und ja, immer her mit den Vintage-Sachen für die Wohnung!

  5. I love the vintage world, think it's fabulous mixing it in with a modern style too. Love these prints, I came across some old science anatonomy posters of a bee and a frog, love them. Thanks for the inspiration have a great day X
    The nostalgia exchange X

  6. I once had a client who facsimile produced prints like these and sold them. They remind me too much of hotel art etc.

    As someone who lives in a rooftop apartment, heat is a factor (have roof terrace so easier:) but my problem is I don't have much wall space. Quelle dommage!!!! Happy Thursday my friend:)When are you coming to London???

  7. Great post Igor! I like how you are thinking outside the box :) I am certainly not very gifted in the plant department, so this could be a creative solution. The prints are lovely, just not exactly to my taste. But the idea is great!

    Hope you are managing the heat Xx.

  8. I love botanoical prints, they bring that special touch to the space. Bit vintage and bit romantic, that is how i see it.
    Where can I see your Pinterest post??? I´am curious Igor.
    When decorateing I love combination of modern and vintage. But I have problem with our house, do you know that feeling...I´am looking that living room every day and feel stucked, have no idea how to organise and decorate it.
    These posters are great. My favorite is wild rose on black background.

    1. Thanks for your response!! I am referring to my blogpost yesterday, just scroll down and you'll see my '5 Happy Inspirations' post with my latest pins.

  9. I'm such a sucker for vintage botanicals!

  10. I've been totally in love with botanical arts too! My space/style is pretty contemporary and modern but I do like to add a bit of vintage here and there. I'm also horrible at maintaining plants so your "greens on the all" is so right up my alley!

  11. i'm somehow in love with botanical prints... even tho i don't have any.
    i wouldn't say i decorate my home in any way but now and then i go to vintage shops and sometimes i get home with a few nostalgic porcelain birds, vases or candleholders... :)

    in the first pic i do love the cabinet, too!

    agnes / iiiinspired

  12. LOVE botanic prints... Great post Igor!


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