Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

I am a pretty indecisive nature. I like to go out. I like to stay in. I like colours. I like monochrome. I like coffee. I like tea. Sigh.  That blend of tastes and likes defines my aesthetics. I tend to try different styles and combinations and sometimes I discover something new and unexpected that works. This rule applies for my bedlinen, too. I have many styles and colours, but during summer I love simple, natural hued linen. Their special tactile feel is the epitome of lazy summer mornings. So let us think of this little idea for a happy weekend: Cherish your aesthetics and apply to one important rule - there is no rule. Just your style. Have a great weekend, friends!

Photo by François Kong, styling by Karine Kong for Body and Fou


  1. Danke für die Inspiration. Ich muss gleich mal gucken, ob das Stück Leinen auf's Bett passt. Kisten-Nachtische haben wir nämlich schon :)

  2. I so agree with this Igor :) I do have style preferences, but often I am inspired or struck by something completely different. And I love when that happens! I don't question it too much, I go with it - it makes life interesting! So I'm with you, throw away the rule book and let yourself enjoy things that you may not have previously chosen.

    Have a fabulous weekend (with coffee AND tea)!


  3. Totally relate to this, Igor! But no doubt, that washed natural linen is just gorgeous. Happy weekend!

  4. Hehe, like you're describing myself! I find countryside decor pretty inviting during summer (is it that I long for a vacation there? Maybe..)
    Anyway, keep posting- and doing- what you feel like Igor! We're with you =)

  5. I love this bed linnen and I do agree with you - a mix of styles without rules are just fine!

  6. First seven sentences are so famiuliar to me Igor. So I have to say I´am quite indecisive to, specially when it comes to decorateing our home. Sometimes I act as one decision is so final that I can not change it any more. And I think there are some rules locked in my unconscious, that make me confused sometimes :). But I totaly agree with you, it is important that we tend to try different styles and unexpected combinations.
    And yes I love linnen to.

  7. You're so right on with this thought. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities because I like so many different styles, but I can't help it!!! I like the no rules thing. :)

  8. I so agree-no rule is best-just what takes you at a moment. I adore simple monochrome and scandinavian style as much as dark, moody and vintage-eclectic I guess! :-)

  9. I am a lot like you - I love colors and then neutrals.... I like staying in but sometimes need to go out. It's all about balance.

    Meanwhile, I love the photo you chose for the post....the simplicity of the bedroom, the color of the linens. So great!


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