Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

If I tell you that blue is my favorite colour, I will not surprise you, right? No wonder then that this bedroom caught my eye in an instant. When I spotted the interior styling in this bedroom I was totally inspired - I immediately wanted new blue bedlinen and I wanted to redecorate my bedroom area. 

Blue is a wonderful hue for the bedroom - it is calming, soothing, it makes me think of the ocean, the sky, fresh, crisp air. It makes me want to linger on, to stay in bed and daydream. But before I digress, let me break it down why this room caught my eye:
  • Blue Bedlinen: I love these bedlinen! The deep blue colour, the playful PiƱata inspired patterns, the softness of the cotton - I could literally jump into the bed if there wasn't my laptop screen in between us!
  • White Backdrop: Blue against white is magic - it recalls Greek island trips, nautical adventures, seaside holiday. Simple colour matching perfection!
  • Wooden Accents: Adding wooden accents to a blue scheme is wonderful. These colours complement each other and seem to translate the elements water and earth into interiors. Definitely something I will consider for one of my upcoming redecorating projects at home!
What catches your eye in this bedroom?

Photography via Hunting for George


  1. i love the combination of colour: blue-white-brown. wonderful. it's so up in the sky and down to earth at the same time. natural. good choice!
    frau s.

    1. Exactly Stefi - it combines the airy and earthy elements and vibes! Uplifting and grounding at the same time!

  2. Hi Igor, This the second time I'm here... You write a great stuff..! Blue is mine favorite as well :), the combination you have used here undoubtedly great..

  3. This room is beautifully balanced. I agree that the blue against the white is fab, the white walls really bring out the white flecks in the duvet and the fact that the walls are wood slats adds real texture and dimension. The natural wood tones then just tie everything in together creating a warm feel to the space.


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