Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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How important are rugs for you? I really like rugs. Like a lot. I live on only 32 square meters, yet I have six rugs at home - not all of them are simultaneously in use, but I do like to change rugs from time to time as they are a great way to structure, highlight and decorate a room. That's why I am always on the outlook for new and affordable designs. The latter is quite tricky as many cool design rugs tend to cost a fortune. But not this new label from Berlin - meet 'Teppichlust Berlin'.

The young founder, Simon Bartmann, has always had a soft spot for design. With 'Teppichlust Berlin' he has launched a brand new online store in Germany featuring urban design rugs at an affordable price range - something that made my eyes go big! 

Another interesting fact is that Berlin as the brand's home base has a strong influence in the design of the offered rugs - the vibrancy and urban lifestyle of Berlin are a sort of design DNA of the rugs. My personal favorites are the soft indigo rug and the flat woven Shibori dyed blue rug - serious love going on there! 

Discover your personal favorite in the brand new online shop of 'Teppichlust Berlin' that has launched on September 1st, 2014. Well wort a visit. And a little shopping fun if you are in need of a cool rug.

Happy hump day!

Photography via 'Teppichlust Berlin'


  1. Shibori dyed rug is to die for! I wonder if it's worth to try DIY-ing it :) Great find Igor!
    Looking forward to meeting you at the mtb this weekend :-)

    1. If you ever try it, share the results with us! And see you in Amsterdam, Aga!

  2. Hi Igor, nice post and that Shibori rug is indeed a beauty! I checked out their site, but couldn't find it there. Do you know if it's an old item or rather very new so it will be added to their online shop later on?

    1. Hi Izzy, it is very new and will be added later I think.


      now the rug is online


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