Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

One thing is for sure: Let Emily Henderson design a space and I will be all drooling in front of my Macbook (sorry for this too visual wording). Same effect occurred when I stumbled over her Fig House Lounge project. Imagine a spacious lounge open to the outdoor space, think of mid-century vibes and colour pops wherever you turn. Think of visual happiness galore! In her blog post she documents the entire design process including a full before and after coverage. In the end I had a hard time picking one photo of this fantastic lounge, but let's give it a try and nail it down to three points that caught my eye:
  • Gallery Wall: Put a gallery wall somewhere and my attention is guaranteed. The vintage style gallery wall in this example is an instant eye-catcher - it adds a personal and artsy vibe to the lounge.
  • Colour Pops: The vibrant colour palette is breathtaking - mints, soft blue, pink, ochre, green - sometimes you have to be brave and stun everyone. But beware: This only works in a large space and with a unifying element or style that ties all colours together.
  • Mid-Century Console: The wooden mid-century console in the back is a fantastic visual anchor in this shot. It perfectly complements the furniture in this lounge and creates an almost intimate, private atmosphere in this lounge.
What do you think of this project by Emily Henderson?

Photography via Emily Henderson


  1. I love Emily Henderson. Something about her style just appeals to me - it's the combination of the colours and textures and plants, it simply makes me happy. And before I stumbled across her blog (only about a year ago, maybe?) I didn't even realise how desperately I need a blue velvet sofa in my life!

    1. Right?? I am totally with you Alexandra! I so need a blue velvet sofa in my life too! But I could also live with one of those comfy ochre velvet armchairs:-)

  2. I love Emily Henderson!! She has such good eye for vintage treasures (sometimes quirky items that I thought what would I do with that) and then just make magic, they are immediate game changers in her makeovers! I can't wait to see her own house completed while she is busy decorating for others!


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