Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Interior Blog Recommends...

Hump days are shopping days! Well, at least they're shopping inspiration days here on Happy Interior Blog. I've said it a few times, I am the first victim of my product recommendations for happy homes as I tend to buy some of them myself. Just like with this week's recommendations - yet again, I've bought one of the pieces you can see here. I'll let you guess what I got for myself.

This week's product recommendations are inspired by a modern-bohemian style with touches of ethnic vibes, contemporary styles and Scandinavian inspiration. I hope you'll like today's suggestions and maybe you will find something your your happy home, too:

1. 'Sasha' art print by Sofia Bonati via Redbubble
2. Beep Table Lamp by Conran via JCPenny
3. Wooden candleholders by Bloomingville via Stilherz
4. Handmade ceramics by Robert Blue via Mociun
5. Kilim bed cushions by Barrington Blue

Enjoy my friends!


  1. Happy hump day Igor :-) I like the handmade ceramics. I'm thinking about taking a course because I have a weird obsession with ceramics. I don't think that will come out of my hands very soon. I love the colour combo and texture. Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. Great idea Louise! I'm actually planning the same later this year! Let's get the hands dirty and create something :-) Happy hump day!

  2. You got me with those ceramics. I'm feeling ceramics today, definitely!

  3. that JC Penny Lamp is just insane right? and I am crazy about those sculptural candleholders! A perfect combination for me liking the geometric shape and Chris' love of wood!

  4. I agree with Lisa. Very impressed with those handmade ceramics.

  5. I love those bed cushions. But after checking the price, I will have to wait...


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