Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Interior design is not a science, it is rather art. As much as I admire art pieces in museums, I admire beautiful interior designs and stylings. Every Tuesday I am sharing such eye-catching examples of interiors in this blog series. Most of the times I am showcasing private rooms and homes, but today I have to share a fabulous styled interior of a known home accessories brand. HK Living is a popular Dutch home accessories brand and they have styled some amazing interior pictures for their new spring/summer collection. And this specific example of a kitchen design caught my eye. Why? Well, here we go:
  • Industrial Pendants: The cluster of black industrial pendants is an instant eye-catcher. For maximum interest, pendants of various shapes have been combined. They perfectly match the entire kitchen styling.
  • Colourful Chairs: Here, the mix & match approach has been applied with the same chair model but with a variety of nature inspired colours. The pattern is being repeated on the other side and adds a great colour statement in this industrial kitchen.
  • Wooden Dining Table: A big, chunky wooden dining table is an instant winner in this styling. It juxtaposes the cold steel kitchen fronts and adds warmth and a dash of nature into the industrial styling.
Is this kitchen catching your eye too?

Photography via HK Living


  1. Unfortunately my kitchen isn't big enough to be as fab as this one, but my childrens art on the cupboards make it eye catching :O) I love the fact they have used a mix of pendants and different coloured chairs, it matches but isn't too uniform. I agree that the solid wood table is a perfect addition, it softens the scheme adding warmth yet not looking out of place - in fact to me it pulls the design together.

    1. You should see my kitchen(ette) - it's about two square meters! Yes, I didn't make a typo two like one and one:-) I literally have no kitchen, it is just for the most essential tasks. That's why I am swooning over any kind of spacious kitchen (which in my world starts at like 10 square meters LOL).

  2. show me a rustic wooden table and my knees are bound to go weak!


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