Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Two days ago I met up with my Parisian friends here in Berlin. Yup, I am still in the German capital where I am working. So when we met up I had to go with them to their airbnb home and was totally stunned to see a fabulously big, loft-like home shared by seven people that was one entire MESS. A huge mess. The kind of terrible mess. 

Anyways, my friend Cécile was joking and saying I should take pictures and describe why that room caught my eye. Pure mockery LOL. Instead of shocking you with a 'Berlin loft gone wrong', I rather share a wonderful corner of this Stockholm home with you. And here is why it caught my eye:
  • Industrial / Rustic coffee table: The combination of weathered wooden tabletop and raw iron cast base is a fabulous combination that seems to unite two styles - industrial and rustic charms. 
  • Fluffy, patterned rug: This rug with its simple pattern reminds me of a Boucherouite rug - maybe it is one.
  • Soft colour palette: The palette of whites, blues and greys with pops of black is winning my eye. I really love this kind of soft colour palette right now!
Is this little corner inspiring you? What do you like or dislike about it?

Photography via Svenska Mäklarhuset


  1. Love the table!


  2. I like it a lot! Although blue is not really my color, this image is just lovely. Kinda beach house meets scandi! x

    1. Exactly - which is why I really love it. But then, I really like blue hues too:-)

  3. love the table and the floor! I am a big fan of wooden decorating!

  4. Hi there, Igor!

    Relaxing space. Tell you're friends I love their space. Like to see the rest of the place.

    Looks like a potential magazine feature...

    Enjoy Berlin!!!


  5. If this room caught your eye, I totally feel the same ;) .. The coffee table there is just simply classic. I normally am not a fan of coffee tables, as it happens only occasionally that i fall for them. But this one is really something. It is even making the stuff placed on it, appear to be very tempting ;)
    Jessica x

  6. I want to take over that messy loft, get rid of the mess and turn it into my place!

    What caught my eye in THIS room is actually the ladder. Nice vintage ladders are great for decorating - or serving as a place to hold a lamp like it does here ;) And when you need it - it's right there (and not in the cellar. Or on the balcony. or in the hallway...)

    1. Hi Lena, that's fab - I didn't even notice the ladder properly!

  7. I love cool blue tones - I guess that's what I like about this corner :) x Fem

  8. Oh I can so see why this room caught your eye! I would guess the colour is what sealed the deal for you, or? :) For me, it's the table and rug and floor!

    Nice one!


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