Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

Hello folks! I am signing in from Berlin where I am based for an entire week. I am working here (as part of my corporate day job) on a trade fair the entire week including weekend but all that is bearable as I am in cool and vibrant Berlin, the weather is amazing and I am meeting some friends for dinner and drinks after work. Moreover, I am still loaded with memories from my recent design trip to Copenhagen where I discovered some favorites such as the above shown 'Georg Collection' by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm for Danish label Skagerak/Trip Trap. I blogged about it and my other favorites from Copenhagen here.

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

Photography via Trip Trap / Skagerak


  1. Gorgeous lines! Enjoy your time in Berlin and for the best cakes in town check out at Gendarmenmarkt. Plus you can check out Frank Stueve's small concept store next door.

  2. welcome! have a good time, I hope you get to enjoy the wonderful weather a little bit.

  3. Do really like this stool. My kinda colours ;-) Hope Berlin is going well mister. Gx

  4. Kakvo otkriće ovaj tvoj blog! :))

  5. Ωραια εχει κάτσει το μαξιλαράκι στο σκαμπό!


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