Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

It's all about 'flower power' this weekend! One of the things that I love to do on weekends, is getting a fresh bunch of flower to inaugurate the weekend in a bloomy mood. I always feel so inspired when I'm reading two of my favorite flower blogs - 'Madame Love' and 'Glomerylane' - and I immediately want to run out, go to the market and buy a fresh blooms to decorate my home.

This week I was totally smitten and happy when a voluptuous bunch of red blooms arrived by mail at my home. It was a surprise delivery from the new flower subscription service 'Bloomy Days' here in Germany (by the way, also one of my 'Happy Sponsors'). How cool is it to get fresh blooms delivered every week to your door? And the fun fact: You ever know what to expect, every week you are surprised by a new selection of fresh and seasonal flowers.

So, I swiftly opened the cardboard box and discovered a lush bunch of red blooms - deep red peonies accompanied by velvety roses and ambrosial sweet williams. I loved the fact that the blooms were ready made for a vase, freshly cut and all leaves from the lower part of the stems have been removed. I placed them in a simple vase and now my entire apartment smells like a symphony from a botanical garden. Now isn't this a bloomy start into the weekend? Will you get some fresh flowers this weekend?

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Lovely bouquet!
    I usually buy roses and carnation from the Saturdays flea market.

    Have a great weekend boy!

  2. Gorgeous bouquet Igor, happy weekend my friend,

  3. beautiful bouquet! Flowers are so important to me. I buy a fresh bunch every weekend, no matter what. Interesting service this bloomy days. I like the concept but I'm too picky about flowers and colours to leave the choice to someone else. Enjoy your weekend and hope to get more peeks of your bloomy days bouquets in the future.

  4. Your poetic words were matched beautifully with your stunning images Igor, absolute bliss.

    1. Thank you so much, Heather! You made me smile!!

  5. Glad to be one of your favorite flower blogs! Hope you had a lovely week-end!
    Speak to you soon

  6. I love this idea!! Chris and I have seen sending flowers to Grandma and Mom in Germany and now I know a good place to order them or have them delivered once a week!

    perfect idea of a happy weekend indeed!

  7. I try to always have fresh flowers in the's a necessity for me! Those are lovely ;)


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