Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Happy Inspirations: One Must Dash!

Today I would like to introduce you to my latest 'Happy Sponsor' - One Must Dash! The funky online shop for art prints and more home accessories is the concoction of two happy Swedish girls who share a passion for the same kind of humour and interior design. And their great humour shines through from start to end - even the name 'One Must Dash' sound like 'One Moustache' and thus a few products play with the hipster symbol of moustaches.

Their funky world is marked by a Scandinavian mix of white, black and grey hues and make bold statements - be it a graphic pattern or a funny quote. So do you still have that blank area on your wall that would need some embellishment? Why not checking out the funky and witty selection over at 'One Must Dash'? I've compiled my five favorites here. Which ones do you like?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

This post was kindly sponsored by One Must Dash

Photography via One Must Dash


  1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - in der Reihenfolge würde ich sie nehmen. :-) Wobei mir auch die Prints "Typed love" und "Winter leaf" gut gefallen und der mit Schreibmaschine sowieso.

    Schönen Tag und liebe Grüße!

  2. Very artistic work. I love it.

  3. Me encanta la primera opción

  4. Οι κρεμαστρες εχουν πλάκα!

  5. Love nr 4! Didn't know that they also have tote bags in their collection, to cute! x

  6. love the B&W! So simple and inspiring!

  7. Ah yes-I think I met them at Pulse a few weeks ago?? Love the scissors and their prints-beautiful stuff and a great sponsor-congrats Igor and good choice Must Dash! :-)

  8. Ooh, I love all of these items-right up my alley! Will go check out the site :)

  9. Hi, very interesting and lovely images, I love 1, 2, 3 :)


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