Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8 Bloggers - 8 Stylings For &tradition

Hello my friends! This Tuesday I have to skip the 'Why this room caught my eye' series cause I couldn't wait to share another highlight from my design blogger tour in Copenhagen: Our visit to the Norm Architects design studio where we were invited by the design brand &tradition. A healthy breakfast invigorated our physical powers, a little presentation and introduction to the latest collection of &tradition sparkled our visual powers and a styling session challenged our creative powers. The stylist Stine Langvad, who works for Elle Decoration in Denmark, was present too and gave us some professional insights into a stylist's life. And the best: our final stylings were shot by the professional Danish photographer Rune Lundø

So when I had to come up with an idea for my styling I went through the offered props. I picked up the cool black Raft Stool NA3 by Norm, an exposed bulb on a neon pink cord, pink Washi tape and a few books. Plus I smuggled in some other 'not official' props like the leather jacket of Agata and a moustache cup from the breakfast table. I added the little bit of inevitable 'HAPPY' and voilà, my little styling was accomplished! Hope you like it!

I think we all did a great job and I am so happy to be among some of the most inspiring bloggers in Europe! Today I am sharing my styling in detail, soon I will feature the others in more detail as well. 

Thanks again to &tradition for an amazing morning in Copenhagen!

Photography by Rune Lundø


  1. I will tell you what caught my eye in your photo...
    the pink cord!

  2. I also love the pink cord! great styling!

  3. Ich finde Dein Styling genial! Dieser pinke Faden, der sich durch das sonst schwarz-weisse Bild zieht ist DER Hammer und dieses kleine Detail des pinken Buchrückens das Tüpfelchen auf dem i! Besser geht's nicht!

    Liebe Grüsse von
    Kristin aka Frau Süd

  4. Very cool Igor. Twas a happy morning indeed. That pink just 'pops' with the grey and black. Love it!

  5. OH gosh, how I envy you this adventure !!!!!! I can say only VERY GOOD JOB!!!! I love this Washi tape idea !!!!!! Agata has very nice jacket :)))))))))))greetings

  6. Fabulous Igor, LOVE the neon pink colour pops! :)

  7. Thank you all so much - I'm happy you like my styling:-)

  8. Hallo Igor, perfektes Styling - mit einem glücklichen Augenzwinkern ;)) Ich finde den "Gardarobenhaken" absolut Klasse, dass sind die Momente in denen ich bedauere in einem Neubau zu leben.
    Ich hätte gerne alles auf dem Foto.... - bitte einpacken. ;))
    Ganz liebe Grüße Anja :))

  9. amazing work Igor! Love the punk rock vibe with the sharp hits of pink. So unique and so standout ... best of all, totally you!

    1. You're too kind to me, Tim:-) I had to add that bit of happiness obviously:-)

  10. Well that's a good idea how to work with bloggers on sponsored tours. More, please! And I love yours. That neon pink cord and the leather jacket... I really stands out. And a clever teaser to make us want to find out who did the other stylings. I think I spotted Emma's, but have no idea who did the rest.

  11. LOVE it! Your styling is very you... love the combos you chose.

    Truth be told, I love ALL the styling vignettes... you lot are indeed inspirational!


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