Monday, April 22, 2013

BLOGST Munich: Teaching A Blogger Class

The German blogger workshop series called BLOGST came to Munich a few days ago. The workshop in Munich was entitled BLOGST PRO - blogging for advanced bloggers. Ricarda, the mastermind behind BLOGST, asked me whether I'd be interested an co-lecturing the workshop with her and it took me two seconds to consider - I said yes! 

Teaching my first blogger class was pretty exciting. First I was a bit nervous, then uncertain what to teach and then I just had so much fun cause we had the best student bloggers ever in Munich. The days before the workshop I clicked through 22 German lifestyle blogs spanning from DIY over food blogs to fashion blogs and wondered what to teach those advanced blogger ladies. 

During the workshop I talked about time management for busy blogger bees with full-time jobs or families, about editorial calendars, prettying up the blog with Photoshop and about networking. I revealed a few personal tricks and tweaks to blog efficiently, a few freebie sources and networking tips. The feedback was positive so I felt happy and relieved after a long day.

Beside the fact that I was the only guy among 23 ladies, I couldn't help but admire the funky co-working space Combinat56 with its 50s decor. It was the perfect location to let the creative juices flow and work on our blogs.

After a super long workshop Saturday we rounded the things up by having dinner in a downtown restaurant and I felt like I not only accomplished my dreaded task of teaching my first blogger class, but I also gained 22 new blogger friends! I'd say that was worth all the hassle!

Thanks again to Ricarda for making me part of the BLOGST experience! We were a great team!!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Oh are one of the cutest teachers ever...thanks again for the interesting and exciting day xoxo emma

  2. Sieht nach viel Spaß aus...und so interessante Themen von einem syphatischen jungen Lehrer vermittelt zu bekommen: ach, wär ich gerne dabei gewesen....
    LG Nicole

  3. Seems like a great time! Oh yes, now I´ve returned to Sweden after lovely days in Paris - I´ll flood my blog with pics because no matter where I looked, it was sooo beautiful! Can you believe it was my first time?! It will not be the last, that´s for sure! :-)

  4. Igor...ich schließe mich der Emma an...Du warst ein toller Lehrer und zusammen mit Ricarda ein unschlagbar sympathisches Team!
    Es war ein toller Tag mit Euch!

    LG Simone

  5. ...oh ja ihr wart beide ganz wunderbar...und Photoshop kann ich jetzt endlich auch... vielen Dank für den schönen Tag und liebe Grüße, Anette :)

  6. Igor, so proud of you... if I would live in Krautland, I would have been there in a heartbeat!

    Well done you. Bet the ladies were super happy and learned tons!!!!

  7. Well done Igor! I would have attended and been the teacher's pet :-) I'm sure the girls all had fun & took away loads.

  8. Sweety.. well done!! We have to make a bootcamp.. <3
    Hugs to Munich - as Tina would say- Krautland!!!

    1. I hear you Claretti! I'm in for a blogger bootcamp!! In Krautland:-)))

  9. You are the best local hera happy BLOGST Speaker! Thank you for the special and fantastic day! <3!


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