Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Happy Inspirations: Nautical Homeware

Imagine a soft sea breeze, salty air, the light scent of pines, soft sand under your feet and the repetitious sound of crushing waves - nothing beats a walk along the beach. But even if you happen to live far away from the sea and the beach you are not doomed to merely fantasize - bring that nautical feel of a maritime sojourn to your home with home accessories. In today's '5 Happy Inspirations' I've compiled a few nautical home goodies to add that touch of seaside feeling into your home. 

Which goodie could make it into your happy home?

P.S. Have you noticed the new 'click & shop' experience? Just scroll over the photography above and links will lead you directly to the online shops of the goodies!

Photography: 1. via Anthropologie; 2. via Lacrimosa Design; 3. via Moon Garden (as seen on decor8); 4. via Human Empire Shop; 5. via Wantful.


  1. Very fresh, lovely selection. I particularly like the Anthropologie bowls and the sea itself ;-)

  2. my fav is little guy nr. 4 - salty air and sand under my feed.... definitely longing for holiday.... * julia

  3. I love pic nr 1
    They look so nice!

  4. that click & shop experience kicks ass! :D

  5. i love that stool!! so fun and perfect for you Igor! Can't believe they have our classic The Hudson Bay blanket at Wantful too! Got to love the happy stripe!

  6. i adore it all and they work so well together! if i could only choose one, i love the little sailor!

  7. I adore nautical .. I am a tad obsessed with the meaning behind the anchor symbol.. #love #stability #hope
    My hubby and I even have matching anchor tattoos <3

  8. Oh je, findest Du unseren Blog so schlimm, dass ich bei Blogst das nächste mal dabei sein MUSS? ;-) Danke für Deinen Kommentar.
    herzallgäuerliebste Grüße

    1. Ne, gar nicht - aber der Workshop macht richtig Spaß und man lernt viele andere Blogger kennen;-)

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