Friday, March 1, 2013

Happily Ever After: Pleased To Meet

Now I am pleased to introduce you to 'Pleased To Meet'. And I hope you'll be please to meet them. Literally. 'Pleased To Meet' is a Berlin based paper goods design studio run by a creative German couple that met in New York many years ago. Since 2004 they spread happiness with their cute postcards, notebooks, posters, stationery, wrapping paper with whimsical designs and playful motives. 

I got myself a notebook - as you can imagine, I opted for the Paris motive since my heart's bound to Paris (in more than one way). Even though I catch myself collecting notebooks that weirdly enough remain unused, I can't help but give in when I spot a beautifully designed new one. After all, I love to merely look at them. And sometimes I decide to offer them as presents to good friends. 

Are you a fan of happy stationery? If so, make sure you check the website of 'Pleased To Meet' and like them on Facebook. Happy Friday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic and via Pleased To Meet


  1. Actually I'm currently looking for an ultra flat small notebook, which is not so easy to find. Most of them are too thick (bounded) or heavy for me. Will definitely check out Pleased to Meet :)

  2. This stationery is lovely - thank you Igor!

  3. ps and I now realise I've already bought some of their cards - just don't know where! :)

  4. Ooh I do love those designs, especially that little car. Thanks for the intro Igor :-)

    1. I am very pleased you like it, Gerard:-) Happy weekend!

  5. Τα χαρτιά περιτυλίγματος εχουν ομορφα σχέδια.

  6. Totally loving the designs!

  7. Oh no, I'm addicted to cute stationery and this is definitely feeding my obsessive behaviour :-) Too cute! Thanks for sharing, but it might be too dangerous for me to visit their website


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