Friday, March 8, 2013

Happily Ever After: Caitlin Shearer

A few weeks ago I stumbled over the beautiful work of Australian illustrator Caitlin Shearer. I discovered her blog and her Etsy shop. It took me about 10 minutes before my index finger hit order. A few weeks later it arrived all the way from Down Under - my beautiful illustration by Caitlin Shearer. I was drawn to her work due to her enchanting style - the soft hues and a charming lightness of her brush's stroke. Moreover, her portraits have something mystical - the museful looks, the dainty beauty...

As soon as the charming illustration arrived, I framed it and started a project I've envisaged for so long: a little gallery wall. I've decided to start with four prints for the time being, I have a fifth one waiting to be framed and hung. My approach is to let the gallery wall grow slowly. For now, I love how the new Caitlin Shearer illustration looks on my wall. Don't miss to check out her wonderful work HERE and HERE.

What do you think of her work? Happy Friday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic, last three images by Caitlin Shearer


  1. I think picture Walls are the best Igor and you've made a great start with such lovely paintings. There's something special about collectinng original artwork. See you tomorrow!! :-))

  2. Nice one, Igor! I love your little gallery there, great mix!
    Filakia kai kalo sk!

  3. ooh ooh ooh! The gallery wall is starting to take shape! Looks great already, good art choices too :)

    Happy weekend Igor!

    Xx. Holly.

  4. Very nice portraits! Love the intensity in those eyes.

    Have a happy day!


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  5. I love how gallery walls can grow slowly and organically, and you can always add when the mood strikes! What a great illustration!

  6. I love her style! So delicate. Will head over to her blog now :)


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