Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Minute Souvenirs From Sweden

Hello folks! I am back from a fabulous trip to Stockholm and - as you can imagine - enjoyed every bit of it! If you were following my Instagrams and tweets, you've had the opportunity to get a glimpse of my adventures in the stylish Swedish capital. Today I wanted to share with you my last minute souvenirs from the Stockholm airport: two great Swedish interior magazines, Sköna Hem and Allt i Hemmet. I couldn't resist to buy them and although I don't speak Swedish, the styling and interior tips speak to me nonetheless. I noticed an ever present trend of kilims in any variations: from rugs, to pillows and other textiles. Apart from that there is an abundance of spring colours to brighten up homes. But have a look by yourself, here are some of my favorite tear sheets. 

Photography taken by Igor Josifovic from Sköna Hem and Allt i Hemmet


  1. More More! These are gorge! One of my favorite things is to pick up foreign design mags. I've spent stupid amounts of money on overprices airport magazines...but it felt so good!

  2. Can't believe I actually live in Sweden and haven't got any of these mags! I'll have to buy them today. There are so many interior mags in the stores today so it's easy to miss a few diamonds :)

  3. i always have to pick up foreign mags too! such good ones you got there!!

    1. Thanks, Jon. It is my favorite last souvenir when I am at the airport:-) Have a fab weekend!


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