Friday, March 9, 2012

Happily Ever After: Interior Stylist Irina Graewe

When I buy fresh produce I try to remember one motto: buy local. Now when it comes to blogging, why not sharing a bit of local interior love with you international peeps? Hence, today I am shifting the spotlight on Germany and a talented interior stylist: Hamburg based Irina Graewe. 

Irina studied fashion in London and during her studies her focus of interest shifted towards interiors and prop styling. Ever since, she has become a successful interior stylist and has worked for leading publications in England and Germany. Her work has a strong artful twist highlighting details in atmospheric interiors. Whether it's a bright and vibrant composition such as in her work 'Africa Meets Neon' or a moody, muted palette as in 'Through Time' - the thread through all of her work is a nifty, sophisticated touch of art. For more of her inspiring work visit her website here.

Photography: Picture 1 & 3 (Africa Meets Neon), Picture 4 & 6 (Nowhere But Here), Picture 7 & 8 (Through Time) all by Michael Fitzthum; Picture 2 & 5 (Culture Club) by Janne Peters; styling by Irina Graewe 


  1. ive heard of her before. she is great. i like all the pictures you have chosen.
    hugs, svenja

  2. Beautifully moody photos! Each one is feels like it has it's own story to tell! I'll have to check out the stylists' website to see more. Have a joyful weekend Igor!!

  3. Love these, especially the ones with slightly distressed paintwork. That is one of my all time favourites - those Africa/Neon pics are wonderful!


  4. it's nice to see european stylists. the look and the approach is so much more different than the american stylists we see. the european approach to my eyes is much more edgy, dare i say ad hoc. it's not every day you find peeling paint in such a manner!

  5. Beautifull rustic mood:) Am fan of rustic:)

  6. I love her work. She made me loving interior styling and looking at photography in another way. Thanks for sharing!
    If you are interested, more about Irina's work here



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