Friday, March 2, 2012

Happily Ever After: Stylist Sania Pell

Every Friday, I love to feature a talented stylist, a gifted photographer or remarkable brand. Today I've picked one amazingly talented lady that is widely known in the creative scene: London based stylist, designer, book author and blogger Sania Pell. And just for the record: she is also a mum of two kids (seriously, I don't know how she does it all). 

I am pretty sure that the majority of you know her name and her work. She is the author of the inspiring book 'The Homemade Home' that's been published in various languages. Her book gives you an idea of how to become crafty yet cool with projects for every room in the house and additional gift ideas. This strong focus and creativity with handmade projects is seen in her work as an interior stylist, too. In fact, she is known for her creative input and a unique, handmade aspect to her photo shootings and styling projects for renowned publications such as Elle Decoration, The Sunday Telegraph, Easy Living and more. 

I really love her romantic, playful approach to styling with that mentioned handmade aspect - you can literally see how much thought and love has been dedicated to each styling. You can see her beautiful portfolio on her website, read her inspiring blog and get her book here.

Happy Friday!

Photography: All pictures via Sania Pell. Stylist credit: Sania Pell. Photographer credit: Disco ball photos, romantic bedroom photo, grey wall and grey linen photos, flowers and buttons photos by Penny Wincer for Cico Books; black and white photos, rugged wall photos, black oriental photos by Uli Schade for Elle Decoration; 


  1. Of course I know her name... and I love the collection of pictures you choose. thanks for the links, great post ;)

    bonne vendredi ;)

    1. Oh merci, Desiree! Je te souhaite une bonne nuit!!

  2. sania has a wonderfully ad hoc sensibility when she styles. it's not precious or overly done. it appears effortless - though all of us who style photographs realize that nothing is effortless!

  3. i love her romantic style as well... and her book is so cool :)
    thank you for sharing, svenja

  4. This book is on my to buy list for sure! Thanks for the beautiful feature. Have a great weekend Igor :)

  5. wow love the styling!
    great weekend to you!

  6. I especially love the monochromatic images!

  7. sania's amazing, such an eye, so much fun. what a sweet article on her! x


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