Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ideas For A Happy Weekend

A quick hello from beautiful Stockholm - as you can imagine I am having a fabulous time in this Scandinavian design metropolis. I can't wait to share my impressions with you. In the meantime, if you like some glimpses of my style adventures in the Swedish capital, check my Instagram account. I will stay here till Monday evening so I will see you back on Tuesday. I hope you are discovering something beautiful and new too this weekend! Have a fantastic & happy one, my friends!

Photography via Nordingarden


  1. Very pretty Dalarna-horse! Would love to have one like that.
    Happy weekend to you.

  2. Thank you, Marjolijn! I just bought a vintage Dalarna horse here in Stockholm. They are really precious! Happy weekend!

  3. Have a great weekend sweets and a wonderful time in Sweden!!!!

    June 1989 Jewelry Grand Opening!

  4. Heja Sverige ;-) Stockholm is so beautiful! I bet you're having a wonderful time and I cannot wait to see the photos on your blog when you return.

    I'm off to read your previous posts. It feels so good to be back in blogosphere ;-)

  5. I am so enjoying all your Instagrams! I want to like everything you post! Have a great time, Igor. Can't wait read all about it!


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