Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Traveling is not only good for my mind and soul, it is also good for my blog as I always bring back new inspiration. Last autumn I spent three weeks on the West Coast in the USA and in Canada. My San Francisco stay was very special (I blogged about it HERE and HERE), also because I was honored to be housesitting for one of my favorite bloggers and style icons, Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.com

While she was traveling in Europe, I was staying at her modern-bohemian garden house. Her home is an inexhaustible source of interior styling inspiration and even though Victoria has changed and restyled her home ever since, I wanted to share one shot of her living room with you today. Before I tell you what caught my eye in Victoria's living room, I would like to hint you to my first post on the new interior blog 'Roombeez' where I am a regular contributor - I am sharing some more shots of Victoria's home there. 

So what caught my eye here?
  • Black Leather Sofa: Even though I am not a leather sofa fan in general, this one seems to be the one and only choice you can put in this setting. The fantastic black leather sofa is a sort of visual anchor in this room as it sets off itself with its black glossy surface and the button back.
  • Shelving Unit: The other furniture piece I've been craving ever since I stayed at Victoria's place is her wooden shelving unit. It was custom-made for her garden home and is a perfect solution for maximum storage while serving as a styling stage as well. 
  • Patterned Rug: The patterned shag rug adds a great dose of pattern and texture to the living room and ties the black and neutral colour scheme perfectly together. Plus it is super soft to walk on it - trust me, I tested it!
Is Victoria's living room catching your eye too?

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. Εμενα αυτό το δωμάτιο μου αρέσει γιατι περνάω την φάση των παστέλ & του ανοιχτού γκρι!

  2. Definitely it catches my eye. My favorite is the shelving unit. I like the color.

  3. Replies
    1. You're very welcome, Victoria! Thank you for letting me housesit:-)

  4. You are so lucky to have house-sat for Victoria! She really does have an awesome living room.

  5. I have seen her apartment tons of times. Followed every public made makeover and I just love it. Victoria's apartment is definitely one of my favorites ever. Wish I could have a real sneak peek. ;)

  6. the rug! the rug! the rug!

    Love the colour scheme of the space and I love the leather sofa too. This room is definitely an eye catcher Igor ;)


  7. Hi Igor, I remember thinking how very lucky you were to stay at Victoria's home... That girl really is the epitome of cool. I love all of her artwork and the place really lives. Mel


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