Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Orange is a colour I always put on the side of more 'challenging' interior design and styling thoughts. Why? Because I am very suspicious of orange as a colour in interiors. It seems to be too flashy, too dominant and too individual in its first sight appearance. I found it always difficult to fit in my own interiors but then I was challenged to tackle the colour with a new vase (I blogged about it HERE) and after doing some Pinterest research I must admit that orange is an absolutely legitimate colour in interior design.

Orange should be carefully considered and used adequately. This example of a living room with orange elements is a great proof for that: Combined with similar warm hues from the same colour family and placed in a neutral background it comes to its full and beautiful force. But let me put it in three simple points:
  • Orange & Warm Hues: The use of warm hues of the same colour family with a clear dominance of orange makes this room very bright and inviting. It looks cosy and uplifting - a place where you can see yourself unwind as well as have inspiring conversations with friends.
  • Ethnic Patterns: Ethnic patterns seem to be a great friend of vibrant colours. The rug on the floor and wall as well as the pillows make for a perfect stage to showcase the colours in this room.
  • Black Cabinet: The wooden black cabinet is a strong visual counterpart to the vibrant hues. It calms the entire room, sets a focal point and ties in with the remaining furniture - if it was another colour the room could quickly turn into a restless visual chaos.
What do you think of orange? Is it a colour you can handle in your interiors?

Photography via Norrgavel


  1. Orange and crimson are our colours of choice. Love this post, your take on it and this room! - M

  2. I really like this room. I love the colour orange, but agree its a strange one, its not as strong perhaps as red, but more vivid than paler pastels and subtle hues. I love its warmth. The room above is perfectly styled. I agree that the black furniture really frames the room, rather than being over bearing - it creates a stylish visual contrast, allowing the orange to really stand out.

  3. I am a huge orange fan! This is just one post I had done on part of our house: this being a hallway and I love the transformation! http://www.libbywilkiedesigns.com/2011/07/sherwin-williams-copper-harbor.html
    I just bought two wonderful orange/reverse gray linen pillows at Crate&Barrel; always on the lookout for orange! In fact, my tulips out front this spring were orange: next year I want to combine them with a deep purple almost black tulip.
    Loving the UJB on Instagram, and will be posting green on the 24th. Thanks! Libby

  4. Always works as a great accent colour for me... especially orange with grey :-)

  5. Η ντουλάπα στεκει μεγαλόπρεπα στον χώρο!


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