Thursday, February 6, 2014

We Are Having A Blogger Party In Stockholm!

Hello my friends! I don't know who of you is currently in Stockholm attending the Stockholm Design Week, but I am here as part of the international Bloggers Tour with my friends Emma, Allan, Desiree, Anna, Gerard, Elena, Riikka and Linda and we are hosting a design blogger party tonight in our 'Blogger Apartment' in cooperation with Fantastic Frank

So if you are in town, feel herewith invited to join us for an evening full of design, good drinks, great networking and lots of fun! I'd love to see you there - all details are in the invitation as shown here! And if you are not, make sure you follow us along on Twitter and Instagram - you will find us with the hashtags #BloggerAPT #DesignSTHLM #2014sdw and #2014sff

Hugs from Stockholm!


  1. Βλέπω οτι περνάτε πολύ όμορφα στην Στοκχολμη!

    1. Ναι, περάσαμε ένα εξεταστικό βράδι εχθές με πολλούς καλεσμένους στο δικό μας blogger party:-)

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