Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Cushions For Happy Homes

These days I am busy scouting for the perfect new sofa for my home. I was considering colourful sofas, big sofas, small ones, dark ones, bright ones. For the moment, I've come to one conclusion: I want a neutrally coloured sofa cause I am too much in love with cushions. I mean all kind of cushions. Ethnic ones, graphic ones, bold ones, pastely ones and so on. Hence, I need a neutral background to make them work on the sofa.

So I thought it's cool to share some new cushion designs with you that I've spotted recently and really liked. So here we go with a little European 'cushion tour': 

France: Juliette Beaupin

The charming, Paris based French designer adds happiness to your home with colourful cushions with geometric patterns (see also top image). Simple yet playful, the cushions by Juliette Beaupin are all created in her little Parisian studio with lots of passion. For the future, I will put happy French cushions right next to macarons on my souvenir list! HERE you can see more of Juliette's work.  

England: Chocolate Creative

The folks at Chocolate Creative are dead-on when it comes to cushion design. The cushions with photographic prints of nature sights and landscapes perfectly transmit the hipster vibe of 'back to nature' and taking the outdoors in. These cushions will not only make a statement on your sofa but on your bed, too. I fell like I need one…

Germany: Philuko

Philuko is the design label of Germany based Julia Schenk. She creates unique handmade home accessories and her cushions combine her various design approaches - from typography, to photography and illustrative art. These cushions seem very urban and cool to me. Want, want!

Hope you liked today's little 'cushion Eurovision'. Let me know which label is your favorite!

Photography via Juliette Beaupin (room shots by Premier Reg'Art), Chocolate Creative, Philuko


  1. I adore those from Chocolate Creative - gorgeous! :-)

  2. Eine wundervolle Auswahl - ich liebe philuko und habe inzwischen vier ihrer Kissen! Aber die aus Frankreich dürften auch sofort bei mir einziehen! Liebe Grüße in meine schöne alte Heimat!!!

  3. Eine tolle Auswahl! Die Kissen aus Frankreich gefallen mir richtig gut. Ich mag grafische Formen sehr gern. Im Moment habe ich alle Kissen auf meiner Couch selbst genäht - eine kunterbunte Mischung, sowohl in der Farbe als auch im Material.

    Liebe Grüße!

  4. I am a compulsive buyer when it comes to cushion but Pinterest helped me to calm down my urges :) Beautiful selection btw

  5. such a great eurovision interior contest - guess all that stuff would fit perfectly to a grey sofa (my favorite colour for it) * already looking forward to see which sofa will be the winner at your home, julia

  6. Hehe, 12 points for France ;)
    Love your choices Igor! Filakia apo thn poly vroxeri Kriti!

  7. Haha I'm in the middle of sofa shopping as well- so much to love out there. I def need to get those Chocolate Creative pillows for whatever sofa I choose.

  8. I like the idea of a neutral sofa and cushion Eurovision sounds so much better than the real thing!

    I am, surprisingly, drawn to the English cushions. I say surprisingly because this is probably a style I wouldn't go for, but I find myself really liking them. I especially like the one shown in the bedroom but I like it just as much on a chair.

  9. Τα μαξιλάρια με τα τοπία ειναι καταπληκτικά!

  10. Thank you all for your votes:-))) I see the European selection left a good impression!

  11. Hi Igor, such a nice surprise to see my cushions in your lovely blog, I am working on some new designs which I hope people like them as much as these ones. Nice selection and post title, Bring Eurovision on!

  12. I'm torn between England and Germany. Decisions are hard. I'd probably have to buy them all and switch them out. Architect Tampa Bay FL

  13. My favourite is the mountain with sun cushion!!!! absolutely stunning!

    BTW Igor, you should definitely participate in this little contest with your great ideas / interior designs....

    xx Mathilda

  14. these pillows are adorable!all of them-no exemption!

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