Friday, May 3, 2013

City Poster Contest: My Favorites

It's no news that I am an avid traveler. Sometimes time and budget restrictions put a constraint on my globetrotting quest, but there are ways of discovering the world that do not involve days off and extra money. Yes, sometimes we can travel visually. One of my favorite German online shops for fashion and home accessories, Human Empire Shop (also one of my beloved 'Happy Sponsors'), has launched a city poster contest and received 185 fabulous submissions but only three of them will actually go into sale online. And the best is yet to come: You can vote until tomorrow, May 4th, for three of your favorites and thus enter a little raffle and win a 50 Euros voucher for Human Empire Shop (which ships internationally by the way).

So, here are my three favorites: Obviously the Paris poster by Natasa Vuckovic wins my heart - first of all it features my favorite city of all and the design just rocks my world with its hand-lettered typography, wonderful colour combination and delicate Eiffel tower silhouette.

The Palermo poster by Rita Kohel is a sheer holiday treat in itself. The warm Mediterranean colours, the loving couple on a Vespa, the palm trees - I feel like I could jump into this poster!

And last but not least, the Munich poster by Maria Otterbein with its vivid green hues and the accentuated city skyline makes me happy to live in this beautiful city.

HERE you can see all 185 poster entries. Which ones are your favorites?

Photography via Human Empire Shop


  1. Endlich mal so ein richtig schöner Print von München :-))))!
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende,
    alles liebe

  2. I love the Paris one you chose but also the London poster with the union jack and stuff - gorgeous selection.
    Happy weekend Igor, hope you have a great one,

  3. Ahahah The First One of Course :D

    Au plaisir de te voir bientôt ;)

  4. I remember when you first talked about this and I was tempted to enter.... however, time constraints never allow me to do stuff like this.

    I LOVE that you reminded me of it and that I can vote till tomorrow..

    My favourite here has to be Palermo - as an avid Italy fan and Vespa rider:-) this has stolen my heart. Paris and Munich are wonderful too.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  5. Without a doubt, I choose Palermo!! It's great!!

    Happy weekend!!

    Mapi. Estilo Escandinavo

  6. You know which one wins my heart ;)

  7. I love to collect things that remind me of my passion: travelling. So I'm tempted to buy one of these cuties. I like Hannover and Palermo best.

  8. I like the Paris poster. This is my favourite one.


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