Friday, May 24, 2013

Happily Ever After: Artist Serena Olivieri

What happens if you put a charming Italian into the Spanish capital Madrid? I tell you what - creativity happens! Serena Olivieri is Italian, lives in Spain, is charming and super creative! I've followed Serena's  work through her blog and social media for quite a while and fell in love with her whimsical paintings and delicate watercolour illustrations. Patterns, colours and even textures come to a vibrant mix and you can sort of see the warmth and easiness of a south European mind as well as the vibrancy and delicacy of a female artist. 

What I admire about Serena's work is the way she is inspired by the world around her. Whether it's her mother's herbs on the balcony, an afternoon in the park, a bike ride in the city or a summer outfit - she transforms those moments into witty illustrations. 

I've selected a few of my favorite works of Serena Olivieri here. For more inspiration and colourful happiness make sure to visit her website.

Happy Friday, friends!

Photography via Serena Olivieri


  1. I'm following her too. She has an amazing eye for colors.

  2. Love her fun + whimsical! Bon weekend Igor!

  3. Τι όμορφα σχέδια για παρεό και μαντίλια!

  4. Love it! so light-hearted and cheerful. I particularly love the bike and the mini shoes print! Have a top weekend Igor!

  5. I love the pillow and the use of colors!
    Best wishes,
    Scandia Decor

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments - great to see that you share my my passion for Serena's work!


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