Monday, February 27, 2012

From Place To Space: Cyprus

To celebrate upcoming spring, I am taking you today to the sunny island of Cyprus. The mythical birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, the island of ancient culture, old villages and lush beaches. Now let me tell you one thing: If you ever plan on visiting the island in the eastern Mediterranean, please consider staying in one of the mountain villages. You will find old, renewed farm houses that are the best space to 'feel' the place you're in. Those old stone houses are usually dotted around a little, secluded courtyard with a swimming pool and the interiors are carefully restored to keep their traditional look and feel. It is the best way to spend relaxing days on this island. Way better than staying in one of the many recently built hotel complexes down on the coast. Discover the mediterranean colours in those old interiors such as on those pics here, enjoy the artful use of wood and stone in Cypriot traditional homes that perfectly adapt to the island's hot climate. 

Don't forget to take a ride to the leafy Troodos mountains in the island's center, stop by at one of the many monasteries, visit the magnificent ancient theater at Kourion, take a bath at Aphrodite's beach and tour the amazing Akamas peninsula in the northwest. Don't limit yourself regarding culinary delicacies - the Cypriot cuisine offers a delicious blend of eastern mediterranean treats. And I kept the best for last: this island is certainly one of the best places for romantic slash kitsch sunsets. Enjoy!

Photography: Colourful home via Zeospot; Modern-traditional home via Home Furniture Catalogs; all other photography by Igor Josifovic.


  1. Looks like a little piece of heaven. And hello, that house and courtyard - and those doors! I don't even have adjectives to describe how good it is! Hope you weekend was wonderful, Igor!

  2. Hi Igor,
    I only now discovered your blog.
    Thank you very much - I love seeing and reading (and mind you - I usually only look at the pictures when i surf other blogs...)
    Have a great day!

  3. Those stacked coloured crates are wonderful! I also love the purple washed walls for the little reading/sun shade nook. Great place!

  4. You look absolutely fantastic in this wonderful place:)

    LOVE all the colors!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Ooooh I really need a break from winter now :) I love your hair in the last photo. Great rustic walls with lots of texture and patina.

  6. Très joli endroit!
    Toutes ces couleurs sont belles!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good evening!

  7. Looking great in your sunset ;) Such a difference from the whites I am planning this week but nevertheless it looks like a gorgeous place!

    Bring up some place to space from Milano if you have I am planning to go soon ;)

  8. Lol! Igor, you are so cute with the 'kitsch sunset' end to your post! Very inspiring colours here, great post (as usual!) Xx.

  9. Look at you flexing in the sunset! ;) Your blog is so sunny and warm! The travelling posts really adds to that feeling. It reminds me I need a holiday :)

  10. lovely post Igor, as always. Enjoy reading it, and immediately feel the spring atmosphere :).

  11. how lucky you are! Greece and Cyprus, nothing better for the spring and summer
    always enjoy your posts!

  12. Igor, is there anywhere you haven't been :-) I wish I was as well travelled as you! Love the blue shutters, beautiful. x

  13. Thank you all for your cool and uplifting comments:-)

  14. your pics of cyprus are fab. love the travel photos. the pic of the rainbow crates is a wonderful color scheme waiting to happen.


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