Monday, February 6, 2012

From Place To Space: Athens

Do you have the tickets ready? Yes, it's Monday, and we are embarking on yet another inspirational voyage. Today's destination: Athens, Greece. Get ready for sun, culture, history and a vibrant nightlife. Here we go.

Some of you already know that I used to live and study in Athens, Greece. I spent a very cool and fun year as an Erasmus student in the Greek capital and combined studies with an Aegean lifestyle. That included swimming in the Aegean after classes, sipping frappés in the sun, buying fresh fruits and veggies at street markets, partying all night and cruising the country's numerous islands on the weekends. Moreover, it was a unique feeling in the mornings when I went to the university. I would leave my apartment in the quiet neigbourhood of Koukaki, stroll in flip-flops pass the Acropolis and take the metro to the university. Ancient history literally became part of my everyday life. 

So, when you are in Athens, don't miss out on these things: Of course visit the Acropolis and the new adjacent museum, have an afternoon walk underneath the Acropolis and get lost in the winding alleys of the Anafiotika quarter (you will feel like on an island and not in Athens), enjoy a frappé in one of the little tucked away cafés on the hill, walk down to Monastiraki and discover some goodies at the flea market, buy some handmade leather sandals in Plaka, have dinner under the illuminated Acropolis in the evening. Then head to the popular Gazi area for a vibrant and very long nightlife. I love the Micraasia bar-lounge with its big rooftop terrace and oriental flavours. In the same area you will find the amazing Mamacas restaurant which will give you a feeling of being on the Cyclades in the middle of the bustling city. For hot days, escape the city center and take a trip to the coastal suburb of Glyfada and enjoy the sun and sea in the Balux pool club with DJs and luscious big beds along the pool and on the beach. 

Well, and Athens is not all about ancient history and remarkable ruins. It is also the base for some amazingly refined homes with sophisticated interior designs and creative approaches to living under the Greek sun. Just like these two great examples: the home of the avant-garde lover Alketas Pazis and the bright and design packed home by Athenian architect Stella Konstantinidis. I think these are enough reasons to pack your suitcase and get a ticket to Athens. Enjoy!

Photography: Both homes via Yatzer; Mamacas restaurant via Mamacas; other pics by Igor Josifovic.


  1. looks really good! I definitely need summer! somewhere!

  2. Wonderful images! The quality of light looks amazing - especially on a dull winter day here in Canada! I am bookmarking your "tours" in my travel file. Thank you!

  3. The last two home looks amazing! I love how they use the light in their home.

    Happy new week, Igor.

    Nina x

  4. Beautiful images Igor, Athens looks like a fabulous place to live and visit..the restaurant looks very inviting.

  5. The perfect sunny escape from this chilly London weather! I loved Athens went in 2006 and like you say, the history there is fascinating.

  6. Great post again... rally cool you went to Greece to study ;)
    That last home is just amazing.. I want that terrace!

  7. I do enjoy a good flea market trip and who can resist street markets? I also love the idea of getting lost in the winding alley ways. Sounds so romantic. Add the part about swimming in the sea and you've got yourself a very fine vacation indeed. Thanks for sending me to Athens Igor :)

  8. Just the pick me up I needed this Monday morning. These posts make my heart beat happier. Thanks for such a lovely Grecian post Igor.

  9. All of this sounds and looks wonderful. I've never visited Athens but of course I'm dying to visit one day. I think we'll have to mix that with some sailing around the Greek islands for hubby.

    Here's to all the wonderful future travelling plans!

  10. oh my GOSH!
    so peaceful and power together.
    History,romantic,nightlife,great houses, so many things in one place

  11. Thank you all for your comments - I am happy you like it. Athens can be 'too much' at the first sight, but it certainly is a city you fall in love with after a second glance! Believe me!

  12. that leather tufted couch!!!! pass out!
    great blog, igor! found you via #blogblitz

    - {darlene}
    fieldstone hill design. com

  13. So nice to have met you through #BlogBlitz! What a beautiful blog post!! Will be sure to come back!!

    1. I am so honored to have such a great guest on my blog! Thank you!

  14. Thanks for the 'tour'! Hubby and I do plan to go to Greece ... mainly to renew our vows. We opted to get married in Hawaii, but Greece was the 2nd runner up ... so we decided to do the renews there.

  15. I love these travel posts. Athens isn't a city I've visited and to be honest I probably would have passed it over, but you've helped me to see it in a new light. Thank you!



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