Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Happy Inspirations: Design Chairs

Today I am focusing on five design classics. I love chairs. And I'd love to own one of these amazing design chairs. I am seriously considering to buy a Hardoy Butterfly chair but still pondering on where and how to arrange it in my small apartment. If I had a bigger space and - yes - a bigger budget, I'd go for all of these:

1. Acapulco Chair: The iconic 1950s Mexican chair combines both retro and contemporary coolness. The turquoise version is an amazing eye catcher for bright apartments.

2. Eames DSW Chair: Another 1950s classic by Charles and Ray Eames. I love the DSW version with maple wood legs is a subtle yet stylish accent for any modern home - be it as a dining chair or home office chair.

3. Hardoy Butterfly Chair: This chair was designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy and has been reproduced in so many versions. The framing comes in varieties such as stainless steel or black and the changing covers ensure an individual fit for any room. My favorite would be a brown worn leather version with black framing. 

4. Bertoia Diamond Chair: Yet another mid-century superstar, the Bertoia Diamond Chair available through Knoll Studio, is a masterpiece of bent metal with a typical mid-century fixture. It's classic and modern - and upholstery solutions add comfort. Or you simply throw a sheep skin on it - effortlessly classy. 

5. Hans J. Wegner Shell Chair: Danish designer Hans J. Wegner created this stunning chair in 1963 made of bent plywood thus achieving a floating lightness due to its wing-like seat and the arching curves of its tapered legs. Sometimes it's also referred to as 'smiling chair'. It certainly puts a smile on my face. 

Happy hump day, folks!

Photography: Acapulco Chair via Acapulco Chair; Eames DSW Chair via Vitra; Hardoy Butterfly Chair via circa50; Bertoia Diamond Chair via Knoll Studio; Hans J. Wegner Shell Chair via Design Within Reach.


  1. I'm in love with Eames DSW chairs. I hate to admit it, but I've been contemplating buying a couple of knock-offs. Shhh...

  2. we have the bertoia diamond chair. i found it at a charity shop sitting on the sidewalk. it was $35. it always sat in the corner of the bedroom and never used. when we moved it to the living, people shied away from it. i threw a left-over faux mink remnant and voila! it's the most popular seat in the house.

    i guess people just don't want grill marks on the their legs!

  3. Great looking chairs make me drool..! :-)

  4. Thrilled to find your blog from Statements in Fashion...adore butterfly chairs!! Happily following...

  5. Oh so many nice design chairs! I would love Eames around our dining table and a diamond or butterfly - preferably vintage - with some great wear and patina in the living room would be nice :)

  6. I would happily welcome any of those chairs in my home. I'm addicted to chairs. Working on restoring an Eero Saarinen chair at the moment...

  7. Ah yes! Fellow chair lover here as well. Love your picks :)

  8. Im so happy i found this blog, the chairs look amazing. I have seen number one all over the place.

    1. Hi, this blog is really instructive. I would like to know more about this.

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  9. I love your blog :) I found a mini version of the Eames DSW chair at a store called IDeas for Living here in Manila. We want to get it for our one year old! :)


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