Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Guest Blogging!

This week is a pretty exciting one for me as a blogger. I received a call from a German national TV station and they interviewed me about my blog and even wanted to film my apartment. Well, I had to refuse the filming as it was really at a short notice and my day job would not allow such quick adjustments to my schedule. But there was more happiness this week! 

I was very honored to guest blog on one of my favorite US lifestyle blogs, Shop Sweet Things. Ever since I discovered this San Francisco based blog, I've followed and enjoyed Jeanne's refined taste and style. I've particularly grown accustomed to her Monday blog series entitled 'Sweet Things Under $20'. Now can you imagine my happiness when Jeanne asked me to guest blog for this very blog series?! Exactly, first I needed to shake off my happy frenzy and then I got myself ready to chase some lovely and inspiring picks under $20. Read my full guest post over at Shop Sweet Things. Thank you, Jeanne!!

Moreover, I was asked for a mini online interview and a personal selection of pretty things on the creative hub DaWanda. DaWanda is a European online marketplace for unique and handmade items and bursts with creative goodies. So it was a breeze to select products with the tad of happiness required. If you understand German, see my mini interview here (otherwise, have a look at my product selection). Thank you DaWanda team!

And let me tell you one thing...there is more to come these days! Stay happy, my friends!

Photo collage by Jeanne for Shop Sweet Things; DaWanda images by DaWanda.


  1. Well done, lovely and happy Igor. You deserve every bit of it... and I can read German:)

  2. Sounds that you have a very exciting time, Igor! I'm very happy for you and look forward what's about to come next ...

    Have a happy day.

  3. woohoo! Fabulous stuff Igor - keep it up :)

  4. You've just received an award for your wonderful blog:) Check my last post on my blog for more info!

    Charlotte x

    1. Oh wow Charlotte, thank you so much!! I must share it soon!!!

    2. WOW IGOR!!! Ok - so my commenting on my laptop is still messed up so this better work. I am so thrilled for you! You got contacted by your local TV station? So fun! I love your picks - my fav? The adorable tshirt - I would wear that in a second!
      xo meags

  5. So exciting for you! I can't wait to check it out!

  6. Congrats Igor!!!
    I love the way you say things, really cheers me up!!!
    Thanks for your visit at my blog, and your compliments. I write it in spanish and my very best english :-) (not so good)
    Have a great evening. Eliana

  7. Congrats und herzlichen Glueckwunsch on all the happy things happening in your life!

  8. Gl├╝ckwunsch zu den features!!! klasse!


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