Friday, January 13, 2012

Happily Ever After With Mr. Jason Grant

Now this Friday is all about colour! About the vibrant and happy colour palette by super cool Australian stylist and blogger Mr. Jason Grant. He has collaborated with Murobond for this fantastic colour range that is compiled of two themes: 'Road Trip' and 'Welcome To My Wonderland'. The premium quality acrylic paints are such a happy treat for happy homes, don't you agree? 

'Road Trip' is a very vibrant, summery and cheerful colour palette that raises moods and whimsically paints a smile on every face that beholds its colourful powers. Moreover, one of the blue hues is named 'Happy Days' - the perfect choice for Happy Interior Blog I'd say!

'Welcome To My Wonderland' enchants with more subtle, sensuous hues that translate into serenity and cosiness for homes. A quiet and calming palette to soothe our senses and make us really feel at home.

Now I feel the urge to grab a paint tin and colour me happy! With this in mind: Happy Friday, folks!

Photography via Mr. Jason Grant


  1. "Welcome to my Wonderland" is such a cool range but I love "Road Trip"...

    It just feels like summer! (and is wonderful to work with)

  2. I can see a couple of colours there I really like... the grey & pink - very nice!

    Igor you truly love the word "happy"... it's wonderful! x

    1. It's the golden thread through my blog, my know:-)

  3. What a great color palette!! This really is a great way to start a Friday. Friday the 13th nonetheless.

  4. Love everything he does. MJG = super stylist talent! Have a top weekend, friend!

  5. What a fun post!!! I just found your blog through it, now following:)

    Inspiration for You, Your Home, & Everywhere in Between!

  6. Nice colours in the first photo, we love thonet chair painted in yellow.

  7. Lovely palettes, particularly like the pic with the clipboard, it's really nicely styled. I keep trying to choose a favourite colour, but I like them all!


  8. There are some colors in this pallet, that even I would love ;) I always go a bit on to the blue varieties towards summer..

    Bonne weekend Igor

  9. Thank you all for your insightful feedbacks! Love to read it!

  10. What a great post, with great colors, great photos, and so inspiring.
    I did not knew mr.jason grant and now i am totally crazy about his blog!
    Thank you Igor! Your blog rocks:))

  11. I love that you posted about this today. As I was driving to work this morning I had the idea of painting my bathroom...again. I think you've just super-inspired me! Turquoise maybe? xo

  12. haaaappy colors!!! Apotting another bicycle (with a basket) is inspiring me to get one!!! But,1st I have to remember how to manuever it. I hadn't ridden a bike in more than a decade and last year when I bike in Italy ... well .. let's say it wasn't that smoooth (all curvy) plus I almost fell into a fountain haha (funny now, not so much then).

  13. It is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.


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