Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

Truth be told, if I looked back at all my Tuesday blog posts entitled 'Why This Room Caught My Eye', one could say put some blue in it and a plant and it is an eye-catcher for Igor. To be honest: That works! Blue is my all-time favorite colour and I don't know why I don't own a blue sofa. And a giant cactus. And, and, and. But if I had all of these, what would be left to dream about and blog about? So why did this room catch my eye? In a nutshell:
  • Blue Sofa: This room's centerpiece and true star is this navy blue sofa. Its deep blue hue, its wooden legs, its comfy shape - this looks like a fantastic option for a relaxed living room. And it looks great combined with darker and brighter colours alike!
  • Layered Rugs: For an instant cosy look, layer some rugs. Combine monochrome rugs with colourful and patterned rugs, new buys with vintage kilims and so on - the look adds a boho look to any room!
  • Giant Cactus: Here's my story - just three days ago I went to a big garden center and I saw a giant cactus (not as large as this one on the pic but big enough) and I wasn't brave enough to buy it - even though it was affordable! I was afraid that my apartment is too tiny to host such a big specimen - but looking at this photo I really want a giant cactus now! Such an eye-catcher!
So, what catches your eye? The blue sofa? The cactus? Maybe the coffee table?

Photography by Sarah Natsumi via The Everygirl


  1. What I also really like is the quality of light and how the colours of the interior echo those seen through the window: the greens and browns. While the blue sofa anchors the room and makes a great focal point. (And you should go back and get that cactus ;-) )

    1. Ok, maybe I will have to go back there indeed once my travel schedule allows me to shop again:-)

  2. The colour of the sofa is beautiful (love the hat, too!).
    Not brave enough to buy a giant cactus ;-) Our younger daughter asked for a cactus in her room just a few days ago but we have two Persian cats that could harm their paws so, unfortunately, I had to say no.

    1. Got you, Lisa! Judith of Joelix.com has also a few cats at home and keeps all her cacti high enough so the cats can't reach them and injure themselves!


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