Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why This Room Caught My Eye

There are two ways of making a visual statement in interiors. Either you create an eclectic interior with lots of visual cues to draw the beholder's attention or you set a focal point by choosing one outstanding piece. In the above shown living room it is the blue sofa that stands out from a rather neutral surrounding. It immediately catches the eye and makes a real highlight performance in this stylish home. But it's not just the sofa that caught my eye. Let's break it down:
  • Blue Sofa: The most evident visual highlight is the comfy blue sofa with a touch of mid-century vibe.
  • Nature Hues: With the help of the blue sofa, the nature inspired hues come out to the beholder's attention - earthy colours perfectly frame this room and make an excellent stage for the blue sofa.
  • Natural Light: Nothing is more beautiful than the abundance of natural light in interiors. The large windows in this home make the entire living room light-flooded and welcoming.
What caught your eye? I bet it's the blue sofa above all, no?

Photography by Colin Price Photography, via The Everygirl 


  1. I love this color combination! That's what I went for in our living room. Since we had a White sofa and no further budget I bought a nice blue Kilim in Mercado de las Dalias, in Ibiza, and just throw it over the sofa. :)

    1. Pretty smart and much cheaper than buying a new sofa! Have you shared it on your blog too?

  2. Yep, definitely the blue sofa that caught my eye!! I really like this room. I am a fan of neutrals and natural tones, but rooms certainly need a key focal point and something to add dimension and the sofa above certainly does that. I also agree that having a strong contrast actually allows individual colours/styles to stand out more, as it prevents a room looking flat and all blending in too much.


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