Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Favorite Snapshots

This week I was invited by fellow blogger Christine of 'Somebody's Home' to guest blog on the topic 'home away from home'. As a passionate globetrotter and someone who has lived in various cities across Europe, I could easily connect to the topic of a home away from home. And this made me think: what makes us feel at home? What gives us the soothing comfort of our safe haven even when we live abroad, far away from our beloved ones? And what gives us the good feeling of being an eternal traveler, someone who's at home wherever he settles? 

I won't give any answers to those questions, in fact I can't cause I think it is a very personal idea of feeling at home. I tried to grasp my idea in the guest post here. And I snapped these pics with little memories from my times abroad. Knickknack that makes me reminisce of happy times abroad and that come in handy to decorate my little home. My home away from home. Happy Friday!

Photography by Igor Josifovic


  1. NIce snapshots today! Off to check out your guest post :)

    Xx. Holly.

  2. Happy happy happy Friday to you too Igor!!


  3. There is something about that top photo that intrigues me ... I don't know what it is. Maybe it reminds me of Paul Young's lyrics: Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home. Remember the song?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I don't know the song, Lisa! But now I have to look it up:-) happy weekend!

  5. You're right Igor -it's such a personal thing. Great idea for a blog post-millions of answers to it too! Happy weekend! :-))

  6. Hey Igor,
    As a new follower of your blog it is my first Friday!
    I can feel you because I have also travelled a lot and spend a lot of time away from home!
    I like your first shot :)
    Happy friday!

    1. Thank you my friend! And I'm typing this words out of a train - I'm off to Austria for the weekend:-) happy weekend!

  7. love your "home away from home" and how you have all these treasures from all these fabulous countries! Have a fantastic trip to Austria!


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