Friday, May 29, 2015

The Poster Club x Silke Bonde

Sometimes there is this feeling when you see something and you say: match made in heaven! Well here we go with one of those examples, maybe in this case it's a match made in poster heaven. Denmark based The Poster Club has launched two new posters created by the fantastic Copenhagen based artist Silke Bonde.

The two watercolour art prints called 'Cove' and 'Leaf me' are exclusively made for The Poster Club and come in a limited edition of 300 signed prints. So, if you want one of these two beauties you better hurry up and go to The Poster Club and secure yourself one signed art print.

Silke Bonde's work is wonderfully light and airy - her art seems as elusive as a fresh breeze and as invigorating as cold waters. And on top of it all, it just looks amazing. Having said this, my heart goes out to the art print 'Cove'. What about you?

Photos by Enok Holsegård, styling by Sofie Brünner


  1. I love these prints - geometric patterns but natural at the same time. Really lovely.

    1. Exactly Abi, I love the airy feel of them plus I love watercolour effects so it's a double YES for me:-)

  2. Loving the linear! Just the inspiration I needed for my new place :) Thanks Igor! Xx.

  3. Απλά και όμορφα ;)

    Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο Ίγκορ!

  4. Besides the picture ... what kind of table is that on the picture? Looks very stylish!

  5. Love the styling in these shots, so perfect! That print is super cool - love the blonde oak frame too.


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