Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why This Room Caught My Eye

It's time for some Tuesday interior candy my friends! Today's choice is largely influenced by currently two projects that I am working at: my own living room redo (yep, I mentioned that a few times already) and an exciting styling project for the upcoming DesignTrade show in Copenhagen. My major inspiration is a colour combination: blue and grey. That combined with a variety of textures and natural materials is the look I am aiming at currently. And when I spotted this room, my eye got caught by these elements:
  • Blue colour accent: The 'Dot Cushion' from Hay in light blue is a wonderful, almost icy refreshment in this living room setting.
  • Black & white elements: Black and while elements in accessories complement the serene blue and grey colour combination perfectly.
  • Grey backdrop: The grey sofa functions as a perfect anchor and backdrop for the entire setting here by creating a serene yet strikingly stylish interior. 
What do you think of my current interior design craving? Love or loathe?

Photography via Ved Siden Av


  1. Don't you just looove these colors! x

  2. Is the coffe table from Hay or from Norman Copenhagen ? Do you know?

  3. Yehh..!! Blue colour accent is a main attraction point that caught my eyes as well.

  4. The 'cool' blue makes the room lovely; grey and blue work very good together!!

  5. Love the blue color! Adds a fresh colourful look to the neutral scheme, without being overwhelming. I am so into that shade of blue at the moment! Also faded denim...combined with grey, white, black, and splashes of orange - the colours of my under-work textile makeover in my living room

  6. I really like it, especially the fact that it's flexible. When blue has 'had its moment', any color can be put in as accent. Nice!

  7. I like the colour combo very much!


  8. Love your colour in the picture :-) ... just love tablo table fra Normann and Ora wall clock <3



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