Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Get Inspired: 5 Happy Inspirations

1. Flipping through the October issue of Ideal Home I got hooked on Marks & Spencer’s Lyon coffee table. Which, by the way, would perfectly match the zigzag rug!

2. This zigzag rug by Urban Outfitters triggered an idea on how I want to restyle my living room for the coming season.

3. This quirky cloth rack made of handsewn leather balls on strings is such a cool idea for an urban interior.

4. How about a lazy Sunday morning in bed? Sounds fine to me – with this great Eivor bedlinen from Ikea.

5. I am a huge fan of Minimoderns’ Whitby collection so I went all frenzy when they announced the matching porcelain.

This is completely off the record, but I have to stop buying everything I feature here. I am progressing: From the above shown inspiration board I've only bought the zigzag rug and the Whitby plates (so far):-)


  1. I love that they're all affordable! And yeah, it takes some time to be happy with only posting products without wanting to buy everything:)

  2. So true, Chedva:-) But I love to inspire even myself so now I call the zigzag rug my own and the Whitby plates add a touch of maritime feeling to my kitchenette:-) However, I'll keep an eye on my budget:-) Thanks for commenting:-)

  3. Love this round up! I have the rug from UO and I love it. It is so awesome in my office/craft room. I've never heard of Minimoderns, but I'm definitely checking them out now :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the Mini Moderns Whitby collection! Oh, and your blog is great. =)

  5. Thank you, Jenn & Michaela!
    @Jenn: I have the same rug in my living room and I love its look and modern style!!! And yes, check Minimoderns, they have amazing wallpaper, too!!!
    @Michaela: Minimoderns is pure bliss, I so love them!

  6. I might have to buy the zig zag rug for our bedroom! Great finds!

  7. @Will: You should, it's a bargain! You'll see it in my west wing:-))

  8. hey thanks guys - check us out anytime! :)
    keith, mark and charlie at Mini Moderns

  9. Love these choices, Igor! Especially the table and the plates! LOVE them! :) Hope you're having a nice weekend!


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